Mitchel Kelly
Sterling Coating’s Founder

In 2008, I started a school-based apprenticeship at 15 years old. After my first day on the job, I knew I wanted to become a professional painter and decided to pursue a full-time apprenticeship a week later.

Working in construction at 16 years old I had to learn fast to keep up with the large, experienced work crew.

After my first year I moved to a new employer who worked on the largest scale projects including the world class Soul building in Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Southport Central Towers. Working in this environment I honed my painting and decorating skills working on multimillion dollar apartments. I also had incredible exposure to great leadership and was able to acquire practical skills as a leading hand on quite a few major government jobs.

Not long after having the opportunity at leading hand I was promoted to site foreman just before I had finished my apprenticeship at age 19. Managing teams of painters on projects: schools, hospitals and army barracks, I learned the importance of project management to ensure the highest standards and on time completion of jobs for the clients.

I became totally enthralled with business and delivering incredible service through a company. After some intensive research I managed to identify a gap in the Gold Coast painting market and decided to open a company. In 2013 I started what has now grow into Sterling Coating; a full home transformation solution. From colour scheme concepts, digital paint jobs, painting application and multiple painting products. We’ve built a team of paint applicators and Sterling Coating is ready to transform the many unique homes of the Gold Coast.